Our hours of operation (in PST) are:

Monday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. (PST)
Tuesday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (PST)
Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (PST)
Thursday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (PST)
Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (PST)

Please keep in mind that, with the exception of the free initial 30 minute consultation, our sessions are usually an hour long (but can go over a few minutes).

If longer sessions are required, please call or email a week in advance to arrange for it, as this helps us make sure there is a block of time available to accommodate you, while still honouring time for other clients as well.

Hours of operation are also subject to change as we expand our services in the future.
At this time we are only offering services via Google Meet or through Whereby.com which are similar to Zoom or Skype. Both can be accessed by your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Offering our services this way allows others who do not reside locally the opportunity to benefit from the the therapy that we provide.

We do plan to offer services in person to local clientele at a later date as we expand our centre.
We offer a free initial 45 minute consultation where a potential client can ask us questions such as what therapies we offer, what to expect during a therapy (or blended therapies), length of sessions, cost, etc.

We, in turn, ask you questions too; such as, what kind of therapy you're looking for, what are you wanting to work on, what are you looking to achieve during and after the sessions.

We believe that a client, therapist, and the type of therapy all have to 'fit' each other, and that an open discussion is the way to do it. This helps to clarify what is goals will be pursued, and what we can offer you to help you do that.

For more information on pricing and scheduling for a free consultation or to schedule a therapy session, please visit our Booking page by clicking the link here.

Well, we then do a formal intake and assessment form that looks a little deeper at your goals and expectations. We also do a history of your overall health, medications you take, etc. to help us determine whether any conditions, or medications may affect the therapy we offer in either a negative or positive way.

Or, if you require alleviation of physical pain through EFT OR TFT, any medications that are powerful pain killers may interfere with the affects of the therapy itself. So, we depend on your self-disclosure of any conditions or medications (prescribed or over the counter),etc. that may interfere with the therapy.

Then, we explore with you what type of therapy/coaching would be best for you. We can even offer you blended therapy. Blended therapy may offer a combination of therapies (and possibly coaching) at a reduced cost if it is deemed necessary.

We then design a timeline of sessions, along with milestones that you would like to achieve along the way, for successful change and steps forward towards your goals.

Keep in mind though, that these timelines are not 'locked in place', but are rather guidelines, and as everyone is different, many issues may 'pop up' that you may have to deal with from time to time. We will endeavor to accommodate you as much as possible and readjust the sessions and milestones to help you out.

The intake and the basic assessment within the intake form helps us to better understand your needs.

It also gives us a 'snap shot' of any other treatments, medications, and health concerns that you may have and that could affect the quality of the therapy we offer.

If you have other health issues or medication/supplements you do take, it does not necessarily mean that it will disqualify you from therapy. Rather, it can mean that the therapy may have to be extended, or other methods of delivery of the therapy requested may be required. It could also mean that a different form pf therapy may be recommended, or a referral to another kind of therapy/therapist, either within the centre or outside of it will be offered.
Normally, we would conduct sessions in person, with a choice to meet with online video chat. However, with current Covid-19 restrictions, we conduct most of our sessions through online video chat using either Google Meet, or Whereby.com. Both of which are highly encrypted with your safety and privacy in mind.

We can also offer therapy over the phone, however, with certain therapies such as NLP and even hypnotherapy, this can be less effective as both therapies take their cues from the client's facial expressions and body language.

At times, the methods and the delivery of the therapy can often be adjusted during the sessions by 'reading' the client's body language/facial expressions.

For more information please feel free to visit both websites, or drop us a line on our Contact Page.
Pricing per session is dependent on what type of therapy or coaching you require. It also depends on whether you require blended therapies/services, such as, whether you just need NLP on its own, or whether you require life coaching along with it. Generally, our sessions run about an hour (and so, you would be billed by the hour).

For a detailed list of our therapies and the associated costs, please go to our Schedule a Bookings page for associated costs or email us with your questions via our Contact page.
Currently, we take Visa, Mastercard, debit (reloadable credit cards) through PayPal, or e-transfers.
No, we do not offer refunds as it is not possible to know whether the therapy/therapist is a match on either end and therefore it cannot be predicted beforehand.

However, after a period of time, if the therapy is not meeting the needs or objectives of the client to progress forwards, they can request to end the sessions at any time. You will only be billed for the sessions you attended and will not be penalized for cancelling future sessions in any way.

We understand that every client and therapy/therapist may not be a match (that's only human), and so we do not take any professional offence for a client who may want to explore other therapies that could help them 'move forward' to reach their goals.
You can get a hold of us via the Contact page and submit your questions, email us, or by phone (locally). You may even arrange for further communication through Google Meet, or through Whereby.com as well. For more information, please feel to visit our Contact Page