In the Ancient Greek language there were two words that described time: Chronos (χρόνος), which  refers to chronological or sequential time like day, week, month, years, and even periods of time like eras. The second word, Kairos (καιρός), represents a right, critical, or opportune time for action. Kairos Pathways derives its name from the Ancient Greek definition of Kairos, which is different for the modern use of the word. The symbol above, is the symbol for Kairos.

The goal of Kairos Pathways is the following:

  1. To help the client clarify the goal(s) they wish to accomplish with our help. We, at Kairos Pathways are dedicated with helping our clients discover, define, and solidify their goal(s). We believe that every person has at least one goal they wish to achieve once they reach their Kairos moment.
  2. Once the client has defined their goal(s), we at Kairos Pathways work with the client to determine the path they wish to follow in order to accomplish them. In life, there are sometimes many routes to the same goal, but only some may seem desirable to our clients. We believe that inside each person is a desired path they wish to follow. We help them to discover this path and help them outline possible milestones they will need to meet on their pathway to success.
  3. We believe in 'walking side-by-side' with our clients to help them navigate the various challenges they may face along their journey to transformation. There is a joke and rule that goes: "Rule 1: life happens, Rule 2: life happens all the time, Rule 3: You can't change rules 1 and 2". The road to self-improvement will always have challenges, but we at Kairos Pathways work with our clients to help them find solutions to overcome or surpass these challenges.